ISSN: 1301-2193 E-ISSN: 1308-9846
  • Turkish Journal of
    Endocrinology and Metabolism
Benzer Makaleler

  • Fatigue is Related to Insulin Use by Acting Via Depressive Mood in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus İstanbul University-Cerrahpaşa Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology-Metabolism and Diabetes, İstanbul, Turkey *Bakırköy Prof. Dr. Mazhar Osman Training and Research Hospital, Department of Neurology, İstanbul, Turkey **İstanbul University-Cerrahpaşa Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Department of Internal Medicine, Istanbul, Turkey DOI: 10.25179/tjem.2019-71576 Sayfalar: 29 - 37 648 kere görüntülendi.

  • Endocrine Effects of Coffee Consumption Marmara University Pendik Research and Training Hospital, Department of Endocrinology and Metabolism, İstanbul, Turkey DOI: 10.25179/tjem.2019-71878 Sayfalar: 72 - 86 884 kere görüntülendi.