Dear Colleagues,

As you know, "Turkish Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism (TurkJEM)” is the official journal of Society of Endocrinology and Metabolism of Turkey, it focuses on clinical and experimental endocrinology and metabolic diseases, and related fields as well, its publication language is English, its publication frequency is 4 times a year, it is also published electronically, and it is a peer-reviewed and periodical publication.


Within the scope of publication; there are original research, review, case report, letter to the editor, and invited article.


Because of the large number of case reports accumulated in the TurkJEM publication pool, case reports were not being accepted for a while.


After June 2018 issue, the applicant of the new case report submissions will be accepted.


However, in May 2018 a "Pubmed" application was made for TurkJEM and assesment process is going on. In order to prevent accumulation in the TurkJEM publication pool during this period, original case reports particularly that contribute to the literature and original researchs will be evaluated. Also, it will not be possible to publish case reports more than the number of original researchs. We kindly ask you to consider these while submitting your articles.


Best regards.

TurkJEM Editorial Board

Prof.Dr. Nilgün Başkal

Prof.Dr. Murat Faik Erdoğan

Prof.Dr.Hasan Ali Altunbaş

Prof.Dr.Dilek Gogas Yavuz

Prof.Dr.Serkan Yener