A variety of thyroid abnormalities may co-exist and interact with diabetes mellitus. in this study, we aimed to examine the frequency of thyroid disease in patients with diabetes mellitus and the relation between goiter and antidiabetic treatment.
820 patients with diabetes mellitus (507 females and 313 males, age 54,3 ± 0,4 years) were evaluated retrospectively. Age, sex, duration of diabetes mellitus, type of treatment, duration of treatment with oral antidiabetic drugs, thyroid morphology, thyroid function, duration of thyroid disease and their relations were examined.
Thyroid dysfunction was found in 20 patients of whom 11 were hyperthyroid (1,3 %) and 9 hypothyroid (1,1 %). Also, thyroid morphology was found abnormal in 120 patients of whom 37 had diffuse goiter (4,5 %), 24 solitary nodule (2,9 %), 47 multinodular goiter (5,7 %) and 12 patients had thyroidectomy (1,4 %). There was no difference in thyroid function and morphology between groups that were treated with diet only, oral antidiabetic drugs and insulin.
When compared with epidemiological studies, the results were similar. So, it was thought that there is no increase in goiter prevalence in diabetes mellitus.
Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, Thyroid