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  • Turkish Journal of
    Endocrinology and Metabolism

In this study, we investigated serum prolactin levels and the effect of octreotide acetate in 10 healthy men (control group) and 10 male patients with diabetic comatose conditions. Basal serum prolactin levels in the control group were 3.39 ± 1.51 ng/ml whereas after octerotide acetate administration (100 microgram. subcutaneously), serum prolactin levels were found as 5.29 ± 4.59 ng/ml, 6.28 ± 4.70 ng/ml and 3.56 ± 2.25 ng/ml respectively at 30th, 60th and 120 th minutes. Basal prolactin levels in diabetic comatose patients were 5.22 ±3.78 ng/ml and in the same patients prolactin levels at the 30th, 60th and 120th minutes were 5.29 ± 3.10 ng/ml, 3.15 ± 2.68 ng/ml and 5.05 ± 4.5 ng/ml respectively. These results suggest that, analogues of somatostatin had no effect on prolactin secretion in healthy men and male patients with diabetic coma. It seems that absence of somatostatin receptors in lactotroph cells were responsible for this result. Our results showed that serum prolactin levels at least were not increased in comatose conditions of diabetic male patients and administration of octreotide acetate also had no effect on secretion of prolactin in diabetic coma. Conclusions; 1-Octerotide acetate has no effect in prolactin secretion in both healthy men and male patients with diabetic comatos conditions. 2-Probably somatostatin receptor s are absent in lactotroph cells.
Keywords: Prolactin, octreotide acetate, diabetic coma, somatostatin