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  • Turkish Journal of
    Endocrinology and Metabolism

The aim of the study is to compute, Years of Potential Life Lost attributed to diabetes mellitus, as a measure of premature mortality.
In 1994, the total 1993 year deaths of Bornova Education and Research District were determined by screening the death certificates of the cemetery directorate. Of the total 795 death certificates, the underlying cause of mortality of 390 deaths were identified by using verbal autopsy technique.
Diabetes deaths represented 19.7 % of the total deaths and 12.1 % of the total YPLL. The mean age of death is higher in diabetic women (74.8) than diabetic men (65.4) (p<0.05) The mean YPLL is significantly higher in males (13.9 years) than females (10.4 years) in the deaths with diabetes as either an underlying or contributing cause (p<0.05). The mean YPLL of the non-diabetic deaths are significantly higher than of diabetic deaths (p<0.05). But in the 65 and over age group, the mean YPLL of the diabetic and non-diabetic deaths do not differ.
It seems that, diabetes mellitus entails quite high YPLL especially in the 65 and over age group. On the other hand, male diabetics are obviously a high risk group for premature mortality and their associating risk factors should be monitored and eliminated. Population-wide diabetes control programs must be carried out as soon as possible in Turkey.
Keywords: Diabetes mellitus, mortality, indirect costs