ISSN: 1301-2193 E-ISSN: 1308-9846
  • Turkish Journal of
    Endocrinology and Metabolism

Percutaneous ethanol injection is a new and alternative method for treatment of thyroid nodules. In this study, the feasibility of percutaneous ethanol injection was examined on two types of thyroid nodules. In an autonomously functioning thyroid nodule, percutaneous ethanol injection treatment was able to 1) Normalize the suppressed TSH level, 2) Stop autonomous function of the nodule, 3) Restore thyroid activity in the rest of the gland, 4) Diminish the size of the nodule and, 5) Alleviate symptoms. Percutaneous ethanol injection also relieved pressure symptoms and decreased the size of a thyroid cystic nodule. The procedure was well tolerated by the patients. Pain at injection site was the only side effect. According to our initial impression, percutaneous ethanol injection treatment appears to be an effective and safe procedure. Therefore, it should be evaluated in larger series with longer follow-up in our country.
Keywords: Thyroid nodule, percutaneous ethanol injection