In an epidemiological study carried out in eight different inland and coastal areas from the northern part of Cyprus 625 School Age Children (SAC) aged 9 and 10 years, underwent thyroid ultrasonography for determination of thyroid volume (TV). Urinary Iodine Concentration (UIC) was measured from morning urine samples taken from all of the children. Mean TV values were 3.2±1.0 ml, 3.3(0.8 ml and 3.8±1.1ml, 3.7±1.1 ml for 9 and 10-years-old girls and boys respectively. None of the SAC had TV exceeding the recommended upper limits for their age and gender. Median UIC of the whole group was 120 g/l (11-900 g/l) and only 12.6 % of the SAC had UIC below 50 g/l, indicating adequate iodine intake. In this first epidemiological survey conducted in the northern part of Cyprus Island, iodine status was found to be satisfactory and goiter does not pose a public heath problem at the time of the study. Periodical surveys are required especially for the regions which have marginally adequate values and for a coastal region with a significantly higher median value compared to the others (i.e. 458 g/l) (p<0.001).
Keywords: Iodine deficiency, Endemic goiter