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  • Turkish Journal of
    Endocrinology and Metabolism


Dear Colleagues,
Meticulous  follow up of international  literature, exchange of information, sharing of experience and enrichments received as a result of interaction between seniour and young colleagues, are all derived from classical information resources,literature and Professional meetings.
In view of this fact, we attach utmost importance  to the publication of Turk JEM . Today we are presenting to you the 2nd issue of volume fifteen.
This issue contains original articles ,review and case reports prepared by our colleagues from Turkey and abroad. They were assessed and evaluated meticulously by the judges and editors of our periodical.
On the other hand  it is our pleasure to state that, in addition to international scentific activities ,our national meetings continue to be held and render utmost contrıbution  to our colleagues . Second National Course of Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases  “Endocourse” was successfully held in Eskişehir this year as a result of our special goal of organising meetings in various parts of Turkey.
It is our pleasure and duty to congratulate course  presidents Prof Dr Metin Arslan and Prof Dr Belgin Efe and the Organising Committee for the excellent organisation and for their contribution to scientific and social programs.
We will continue to inform all our colleagues regarding national and international conferences and developments and synthetise  literature updates in the coming issues.

Dear colleagues,
We would like to express our profound gratitude and special thanks to all, for their tireless efforts and contribution to Turk JEM, to our editors, counsellors, colleagues, Prof Dr Sadi Gündoğdu President of our Society and to the Board of governors.

With my highest regards,

Nilgün Başkal