With this issue of our Journal, I will be bidding you farewell as your Editor-in-Chief and will be handing over this responsibility to an elite member of our Society, Prof. Dr. Nilgün Başkal. During the brief period I held this post, we tried hard to publish each issue on time and with as little error as possible. Our associate editors gave me immense support for which I am very grateful. Our publisher Galenos was also meticulous and very cooperative.

Endocrinology is changing at a very rapid pace in this millennium. The expertise acquired in endocrinology will continue to attract outstanding physicians to practice. Advances in genetic research will have the most profound influence in fueling new discoveries and new molecules which will be used as drugs. I know our Journal will continue to convey the research done by our members to our Society.

I take this opportunity to wish you the best in your scientific endeavors and in your personal lives. Hoping for a bright 2009…